Reaching milestones as Founder & CEO, YuppTV

YuppTV is not any miracle or a Eureka. It was a business driven by the demand. Indians live all over the world. It is a fact that in Trinidad and Tobago 45 percent of the population consists of Indians and they had no access to Indian Television content. TV is great source of one’s culture. And Indians so far from their country needed a medium to connect to their culture. Having thought this I started my company, Global Take Off. When YouTube was launched in 2005, I started YuppTV in 2006. It’s Live TV. I envisioned in a company that converges technologies in providing a virtual home based access to Entertainment, information and communication anytime, anywhere across the globe. And YuppTV came into existence with an identity that was possible only through continuous expansion and innovation.

  • 2015


    Channel numbers increased to more than 200
    Launch of YuppTV in Singapore , Malaysia and Midle East along with launch of Srilankan Channels. Launches application on Xbox 360.
    Signs partnership deals with Trinidad and Telesur. Employee based increased to more than 200
  • 2014


    Channel numbers increased to 180
    Launch of YuppTV STB in USA & South Asian Channels (Pakistani & Bangladeshi). Launches application on Sharp and Amazon Fire TV
    Employee base increased to 150
  • 2013


    Launch of Movie on Demand & Live Broadcasting services for customers across the Globe and channels increased to 130
    Launch of YuppTV application on PS3 & PS4 Gaming consoles
    Employee base increased to 100
  • 2012


    Market penetration to UK, EU, AUS & NZ markets and increase in channels to 100
    Launch of application in Netgear, LG, WD, Sony and YuppTV Dongle in the US Market. Launch of licensed platform VERIA
    Employee base increased to 80
  • 2011


    Launch of application on Samsung, Panasonic and market penetration to US, channels increased to 80
    Employee base increased to 50
  • 2010


    Launch of iPhone , Android & Roku Application and Mobile & Video Advertizing Platform for YuppTV and channels increased to 50
    Employee base increased to 30
  • 2009


    Launch of LIVE TV Channels in US on Mobile Phones, Ad Platform in partnership with Yahoo and Channels increased to 30
    The employee base increased to 25
  • 2008


    Founded in 2006 by Uday Reddy, YuppTV was launched on PC & Windows Mobile with 2 LIVE TV Channels
    Started with an employee base of 6